Wild boars cause surge in traffic accidents

Wild boars cause surge in traffic accidents
Hey fatty, get outta the way! Photo: DPA
Growing hordes of wild boars are causing a dramatic surge in traffic accidents, according to German Hunting Association (DJV).

The group said on Thursday that more than 23,000 wild pigs became road kill last year – up by a third from 2006.

“Each collision is a potential threat for drivers,” said DJV President Jochen Borchert. “At a speed of 50 (kph), an 80 kilo boar smashed into a car with a force of two tonnes. That’s equivalent to the weight of an adult rhinoceros.”

The group has plenty of members who would rather shoot the furry beasts than run them over.

Earlier this month, a wild boar killed a 72-year-old hunter outside of Potsdam – the first such death in Germany in modern memory.