German terror suspect warns of attacks

German Islamist Eric Breiniger has shown up on an internet video saying he is in Afghanistan and not planning acts of terrorism in Germany. But he warns the country should expect such attacks in the future.

German terror suspect warns of attacks
Photo: DPA

“I am in Afghanistan and personally do not plan an attack against the Federal Republic of Germany,” Breiniger says in the six-minute film, according to Der Spiegel.

But he also says that as long as German soldiers are in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, “Germany should expect attacks,” without any further details.

The Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) says the video was posted on the internet on Tuesday. A spokeswoman said it was being analyzed.

Breiniger was connected with the ‘Sauerland group’ which had links to the Islamic Jihad Union, caught while planning an attack in Germany last year.

Four weeks ago the BKA launched a public search for Breiniger after rumours surfaced that he was in the Balkans and on his way back to Germany – but they withdrew the warning over the weekend.