TSV 1860 München fires Göktan for taking cocaine

TSV 1860 München fires Göktan for taking cocaine
What drugs? Photo:DPA
Professional footballer Berkant Göktan has been fired from his team TSV 1860 München after a urine test showed he had taken cocaine.

The club had tried to keep the 27-year-old by putting his contract on hold while he sought help for his drug problem, but he refused to do what officials wanted, and relations have now been cut.

“We have been forced to take this action, even though it is really sad. It is no longer about the player, but about the person of Berkant Göktan,” manager Stefan Reuter told sports news agency sid.

“This is why, taking into consideration the personal consequences, we ask for understanding that the club will not make any further statements about the matter,” Reuter said. “We wish and hope that Berkant Göktan gets his life under control.”

Göktan came to Munich in 2006 from 1 FC Kaiserslautern. He had not played this season due largely to an infection in his foot, but last season scored 10 goals in 24 games.