Breakdancers bust a move in Braunschweig

Braunschweig might not be the most obvious place for it, but break-dancers from around the world converged in the Lower Saxony town at the weekend for the global championships.

Breakdancers bust a move in Braunschweig
Extreme crew from Korea Photo:DPA

The “Battle of the Year” attracted teams from as far as Morocco, Russia, Canada and Korea, as well as an 8,000-strong audience.

The 19th such annual competition was fought over by 19 groups, displaying moves such as Head Spin, Electric Boogie and Ninetee, which can sometimes seem more like acrobatics rather than dance.

The boys from Morocco – La Hala King Zoo – were the first to represent their country, or any country from Africa, at the competition. “We feel like real artists today for the first time,” said dance member Anass.

Winners of the €2,500 first prize was the Top 9 crew from Russia.