Engine problem forces holiday jet to stop in Belgrade

More than 180 airline passengers and crew had an unplanned stopover in Belgrade on their way from Düsseldorf to Antalya, Turkey on Saturday after problems with an engine forced an emergency landing.

Engine problem forces holiday jet to stop in Belgrade

The plane run by XL Airways had to stop in the Serbian capital after the pilot got a warning in the cockpit that there was a problem with one of the engines, Asger Schubert, spokesman for the airline told German news agency DPA.

He contradicted initial reports in the Serbian media that the engine had caught fire, and said that the deployment of Belgrade airport’s fire brigade was routine.

The passengers used the emergency slides to get out of the plane, and he said they would be taken to their destination in another plane.

XL Airways was founded in January 2006, serving various holiday companies providing charter flights to destinations around the Mediterranean.