German women don’t want to cook your dinner

German women don't want to cook your dinner
Photo: DPA
Perhaps it should come as no surprise in a country where politicians debate implementing a "stove premium" for women staying home to raise the kids, but German women are apparently tired of men asking them what’s for dinner.

“What are we eating today?” is the most annoying question German women frequently answer, according to a new survey by women’s magazine Bella. Two-thirds of the 1,051 women surveyed said this question threatened their sanity, while some 59 percent said “I can’t do everything,” was their least favourite male commentary.

“She’s your daughter after all,” and “How much longer do you need in the bathroom?” were also on the list of questions that disturb relationship harmony, the magazine reported.

Men would do well to repeat compliments like, “Dear, you always look great!” in order to restore a happy balance in their homes, 34 percent of the survey’s 35 to 60-year-old women said.