Telekom mobile phone customers’ data available on internet

Another security lapse in the Deutsche Telekom system has been exposed by Der Spiegel magazine, which reported on Saturday that the data of more than 30 million mobile phone customers, including their bank details can be accessed and manipulated via the internet.

Telekom mobile phone customers' data available on internet
Photo: DPA

The magazine said anyone could log in using sparse user information and a simple password, which employees at T-Punkt shops, as well as hackers, have access to.

A reporter at the magazine logged into the customer system and could look at and change names, addresses, and even bank details.

It would have been possible to lock out SIM cards and also change the tariffs paid – and even fix completely new payment authorisations.

Telekom confirmed the problem on Saturday, just a day after establishing a new post in the board for taking control of security following a previous abuse of customer data.