Protests force Hamburg Neo Nazi clothes shop to close

Weeks of daily protests by left-wingers outside a neo-Nazi clothes shop in Hamburg have reportedly resulted in forcing the owner to accept a pay-off to move out.

Protests force Hamburg Neo Nazi clothes shop to close
numbered days Photo:DPA

Police have been stationed outside the Brevik shop in the HSH Nordbank Passage in the centre of the city practically since it opened, selling Thor Steinar clothes – the neo-Nazis’ favourite label.

Owner of the building, HSH Nordbank, always said it was an oversight to ever sign a contract with the shop, and they had no idea what kind of clothes and customers it would involve.

And now the bank has managed to end the five-year contract – amid reports of a big pay-off to the clothes shop manager.

Uwe Meusel, who ran the shop, told the Hamburger Morgenpost, “If the sum paid had not been reasonable I would not have accepted it.”

The paper reported he may have pocketed up to €800,000, but the bank would not comment on figures, saying just that his costs had been met.

Neighbouring traders said they were pleased the shop would be closed by the end of the month, complaining that the protests and accompanying police presence had scared off shoppers.