Wild boar kills hunter near Potsdam

Wild boar kills hunter near Potsdam
Not the pig that killed Jürgen. Photo: DPA
A wounded wild boar has reportedly killed a German hunter for the first time in modern memory near Postdam.

A group of five hunters including a man identified as Jürgen C. were recently patrolling the fields outside of the village of Linthe in Brandenburg when they spotted a large boar, according to the Friday edition of the Bild newspaper.

“The wild boars eat the corn, that’s why we kill them,” said Jürgen’s buddy Ehrhard H. “Jürgen himself had shot the boar on its backside and the animal ran wounded back into the cornfield.”

The 72-year-old Jürgen sent his terrier Ben in after the burly pig and another hunter, Torsten P., soon followed. “We then heard a cry and Torsten came toward us with his leg slashed open,” Ehrhard said. “He was brought to the hospital in Potsdam.”

But old Jürgen – a hunter for over 45 years – refused to give up, according to the paper. “It was getting dark and we at first didn’t even notice Jürgen had gone into the field,” said Ehrhard. “Suddenly he called for help.”

The hunters found him on the ground bleeding heavily from the leg after the boar had slashed a main artery near the knee with its tusks. “I wrapped his wound but he passed out,” said Ehrhard. “It was terrible.”

Despite their efforts to revive him, Jürgen bled to death on the field. His hunting buddies manage to avenge him, however. Bild reported the wild boar now hangs in a nearby cooling room.