Angelina Jolie praises family-friendly Berlin

US actress Angelina Jolie has reportedly praised Berlin for being so accommodating to her massive family while her husband Brad Pitt is filming in the German capital.

Angelina Jolie praises family-friendly Berlin
Photo: DPA

“I had no idea that Berlin was such a wonderful place for children,” the 33-year-old Hollywood star told Vanity Fair magazine, gushing about the city’s indoor playgrounds and organic baby food.

“Berlin’s a great city for families, unfortunately it is a lot colder than the south of France,” she said, referring to her property in Provence where she normally stays while in Europe.

Pitt and Jolie have brought their gaggle of children to Germany’s capital for the duration of filming of “Inglorious Basterds,” a movie starring Pitt and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

“While Brad is busy filming, I’m trying to explore the city a bit. Sometimes we rent one of these indoor playgrounds and invite all the kids that we know in Berlin,” she told the magazine.