Berlin boasts brilliant fall leaves and a hefty cleanup bill

Berlin boasts brilliant fall leaves and a hefty cleanup bill
We're as in love with Berlin as it is with itself... Photo: DPA
This year’s weather is making for particularly colorful autumn leaves in Berlin, daily Bild reported on Wednesday, but the beauty costs money – the city pays €27 for each of the 18,000 tonnes of leaves they remove.

The next several sunny but cool days will bring fall leaves to their showy best, after which some 80,000 tonnes of leaves will litter the city landscape, the paper reported.

Berlin municipal services only remove 18,000 tonnes of the fallen foliage from streets, parks, and public spaces, transporting most of it to outlying areas where private firms compost the leaves. The entire operation, which could fill 2,600 train cars, costs nearly half a million euros.

Berlin is one of Europe’s greenest cities, with 416,000 trees lining the streets alone, the paper reported. Trees in the famous Tiergarten park will drop 1,100 tonnes of red, yellow and orange leaves this fall, and this weekend will be ideal for viewing.

“We can really look forward to this weekend,” German Weather Service spokesman Thomas Ruppert told the paper. “Until Sunday afternoon it will be the best autumn weather – cool, but dry and sunny up to 18 degrees Celsius.”

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