Cops break up wild teen party in Lippstadt

A 16-year-old who threw a party at her parents’ new home in Lippstadt while they were on vacation got more than she bargained for when more than 200 teenagers rampaged through the house, torturing the family’s rabbits, ripping off wallpaper and peeing on the carpets.

Cops break up wild teen party in Lippstadt

The 16-year-old girl reportedly planned to use her parents’ absence to invite around 50 friends for a secret party to their new home in Lippstadt in North-Rhine Westphalia in western Germany.

Word must have gotten around because the crowd swelled to 250 teenagers on Wednesday evening. When the host refused to open the door after a while, some of the gate-crashers clambered over the walls into the garden.

Police, who were called by the neighbours, arrived at the house at 10:30 pm to find a scene of devastation. A polices spokesman in Soest said the house and garden were overflowing with bottles, doors had been kicked in, wallpaper ripped off the walls and some of the guests had urinated on the carpets.

According to the Lippstadt newspaper Der Patriot, some of the partygoers had hurled fireworks at the family’s rabbits, who were housed in cages in the garden.

Police reportedly broke up the party, drove most of the guests home and took in two especially drunk ones for questioning. The cops estimated initial damages were worth several thousand euros.