Germany ranks number one as country ‘brand’

Germany hasn't always had a positive global image, but a new report says now the country ranks first in the world as a “brand.”

Germany ranks number one as country 'brand'
Football, dirndls and beer. Ja wohl!! Photo: DPA

People in 20 different nations were surveyed by GfK Custom Research North America on their opinion of 50 countries for the annual Nation Brands Index (NBI). The rankings are based on average scores in exports, governance, culture, people, tourism, immigration and investment, the company announced last week.

“The NBI is a report card for countries, measuring the world’s perception of each nation as if it were a public brand,” NBI founder Simon Anholt said in a statement,. “Within the top 10 most positively perceived countries, the ranking reveals a strong correlation between a nation’s overall brand and its economic status.”

Germany was the best overall “brand,” trailed by France, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan. The United States came in seventh place.