World leaders meet in Bonn to fight extremism

Interior ministers from the G6 European countries along with US representatives gathered for a meeting in Berlin on Saturday to discuss international cooperation in the fight against extremism.

World leaders meet in Bonn to fight extremism
Photo: DPA

Representatives from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United States are expected to look into the possibility of establishing new laws that would allow for pursuing suspects who go abroad to training camps for armed conflict.

In an interview with regional radio MDR Friday evening, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that a concerted approach by the international community to this question would be “decisive.” He also said that one of the topics in the meeting would be the fight against using the Internet for terrorist purposes.

Plans for the meeting have been in place for some time, but leaders discussions will now take place in the shadow of Friday’s arrests of two suspected extremists at the Cologne-Bonn airport. The suspects, who are both of Somali origin, were allegedly heading for a training camp in Pakistan, press reports said.

On Thursday German authorities also launched an appeal for witnesses to help locate a 21-year-old German suspected of being back in Germany after attending a training camp in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.