Pimp charged €210,000 for beating his whores

A Bonn judge has ruled that a German pimp who abused and exploited two prostitutes must pay them €210,000 ($302,700) in damages and serve three years and 10 months in prison.

Pimp charged €210,000 for beating his whores
Photo: DPA

Andreas V., 37, “mercilessly exploited his whores, threatening and beating them,” Cologne daily Express reported on Thursday.

For years he collected some €4,000 each month from the women, all the while beating them, even threatening to bury them alive over the telephone. One of the women, 24, went to police and entered a witness protection programme and Andreas V. was subsequently arrested and charged with pimping, blackmail and criminal assault.

But the pimp Andreas V. seems to be attempting to mend his ways, according to the paper. He’s sold his family home, cars and motorcycles to come up with half of the fine to pay “his whores” back.

“We’ve never seen such offender-victim compensation before,” judge Josef Janßen told the paper. “He’s turned everything into cash and took out credit to pay back the whores he exploited.”

Germany legalized prostitution in late 2001 to provide better protection and regulation for those involved. The government estimates there are some 400,000 prostitutes throughout the country.