German actor Brühl to star in Tarantino WWII film

German actor Daniel Brühl will be joining an all-star cast this autumn when cult Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino begins filming his World War II drama “Inglorious Basterds” in Berlin, daily newspaper Berliner Morgenpost reported on Monday.

German actor Brühl to star in Tarantino WWII film
Brühl in the lead role of 'Good Bye Lenin!' Photo: DPA

“I’m insanely happy about this role,” the paper said 30-year-old Brühl told reporters at a recent award show. “If I hadn’t gotten it, I would have been really disappointed.”

The film is to begin filming on October 13 in the German capital, starring Brad Pitt, Mike Meyers, Diane Kruger, and now Brühl.

The young actor is most famous for role in the 2003 Golden-Globe nominated Ostalgie film “Good Bye Lenin!” He was born in Barcelona to a Spanish mother and German father. While most of Brühl’s films have been in German, he has recently appeared in Spanish and English-language films, including a cameo in “The Bourne Ultimatum.”

The supposed script of “Inglorious Basterds” was leaked in mid-August and published on the internet.

If the script is genuine, the film will feature Pitt as the leader of a band of American-Jewish soldiers sent behind enemy line during World War II to murder as many Nazis as they can in horrific ways.

Scenes of scalping are swiftly followed by a number of smashed Nazi skulls as one of the gang uses a baseball bat, which bears the scratched-in names of Jews in Germany.

There are also a range of cinema-buff references touching base with some of the more important German film-makers of the period.

German media has predicted that the subject matter in the film is guaranteed to provoke a strong – and equally predictable – reaction in Germany.

“Here, pop culture hits Nazi Germany and at the same time the Holocaust, with a force never seen before,” Tobias Kniebe wrote in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, adding that the effect of this collision cannot be predicted.