€150 bonus planned for buying green white goods

The German government is considering plans to give anyone who buys a new fridge or washing machine €150 to encourage people to get rid of their old, electricity-sucking models and invest in new, low-energy ones.

€150 bonus planned for buying green white goods
Energy saving? Photo:DPA

Business magazine Wirtschaftswoche published Economy Minister Michael Glos’ energy policy paper at the weekend, which includes the fridge- and washing machine payment idea.

His advisors have told him that although the energy use of fridges and washing machines have dropped by up to 80 percent since 1990, the average fridge age in Germany is 14 years, while average washing machines are 17 years old.

Glos’ white goods premium would run until 2012 should it be adopted by the government.

Car manufacturers and dealers will also be made to inform drivers about how best to drive in order to save fuel, which can save up to a quarter without impinging on travel comfort, the ministry says.