Frankfurt prosecutors arrest neo-Nazi music producers

Frankfurt prosecutors arrest neo-Nazi music producers
Archive photo of banned Nazi materials Photo: DPA
Frankfurt prosecutors and the German Office of Criminal Investigation on Wednesday launched a raid against neo-Nazi record companies, arresting a German and a Danish citizen after searches in Denmark and Finland.

German national Stephan G., 33, and Dane Flemming C, 32, are both accused of incitement, misrepresenting atrocities and membership in a criminal organization, according to Thomas Becher, spokesman for the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office.

The two allegedly financed, ordered and distributed forbidden CDs as the heads of record label Celtic Moon. The duo recorded music in Europe and then used contacts in Australia for the production of thousands of CDs. They were then shipped to Denmark for distribution, the prosecutor’s office said.

According to investigators, Stephan G. and Flemming C. have connections to German bands, managers and members of Germany’s neo-Nazi music scene including Thorsten Heise. Heise is a board member of the German nationalist party and is currently on trial for importing banned music.

The pair is also allegedly connected to the banned Werwolf Records company, which Heise used to produce the equally illegal two-part sampler “The Germans are Coming”. The searches in Finland were targeted at managers of Werwolf, which is a reference to the Nazi underground that continued fighting after the end of WWII.

Both Stephan G. and Flemming C. are expected to be extradited to Germany to face charges.