Arsonists attack Deutsche Telekom building

Arsonists attacked a Deutsche Telekom technical building in Konstanz early on Wednesday morning, police reported

Arsonists attack Deutsche Telekom building
Photo: DPA

Unidentified attackers attempted to destroy a window and tossed a Molotov cocktail into the building in what appears to have been a politically motivated attack, Konstanz police said. The attackers wrote, “Our answer to your politics,” on a nearby advertisement column.

The reference to “politics” may have something to do with Deutsche Telekom’s plans to close a nearby call centre, the senior prosecutor told reporters.

But the arsonists were foiled when the stone they threw broke only the outer pane of the window they chose. The burning Molotov cocktail didn’t make it into the building, though the window did catch fire. Police in the German state of Baden-Württemberg estimated damages would come to €1,000.

Witnesses report seeing two young men in stocking caps fleeing the scene.