Stuttgart reportedly used Arsenal photo for Lehmann

Stuttgart reportedly used Arsenal photo for Lehmann
Photo: A screenshot of Bild's website.
VfB Stuttgart is under fire for allegedly doctoring a photo of their new keeper Jens Lehmann for the club’s yearbook this season to rid it of the emblem of his old team Arsenal FC and a Nike swoosh.

German daily Bild on Friday reported that a photo showing the VfB emblem and Puma logo was taken by Arsenal’s team photographer Stuart MacFarlane in August 2007 in Emirates Stadium in London.

Apparently Stuttgart didn’t have the time to shoot a new picture even though Lehmann, the former goalie of the German national football team, cut a deal to become the club’s keeper in early June. So they simply decided to switch out the insignia on his Arsenal jersey.

“Due to appointment conflicts there was no other alternative,” VfB’s media director Oliver Schraft said.

Nike’s representatives in Germany refused to comment on having the logo of its rival Puma slapped over its famous swoosh, but the paper reported MacFarlane could ask Stuttgart for royalties for using the photograph.

“I never gave my permission to manipulate this picture,” MacFarlane told Bild.