Condor flight to Frankfurt makes emergency landing in Kenya

A German airliner with 265 passengers on board had to make an emergency landing in Kenya on Thursday after a fuel leak in one of the Boeing 767-300's two engines, airline Condor said.

Condor flight to Frankfurt makes emergency landing in Kenya
Photo: DPA

The engine was switched off and the aircraft landed in Mombasa, Kenya using just the remaining one, Condor spokeswoman Nina Kreeke told AFP. “The passengers and crew saw the fuel leaking out,” Kreeke said. “Turning off one engine is unproblematic and the crew is trained for such an eventuality.”

Mutia Mwandikwa of Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority said passengers and crew first noticed “fuel leakage from the right wing of the aircraft” about an hour from Mombasa, but that the plane had made a safe landing.

Leonard Mohammed, who witnessed the landing, said: “We saw smoke coming out of the engine and there was a lot of noise.”

Provincial police chief King’ori Mwangi said all the passengers were safe. The aircraft was en route from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius to Frankfurt. The passengers are due to continue their journey on Friday morning when a replacement aircraft is expected to pick them up in Mombasa, Kreeke said.

Condor is a unit of the Thomas Cook travel group.