SV Lieth wins dirty locker room contest

SV Lieth wins dirty locker room contest
Photo: DPA
SV Lieth, a sporting club in the northern German town of Elmshorn, has won a filthy changing room competition sponsored by a cleaning product manufacturer.

Officials from the club announced on Tuesday they stands to gain €20,000 for renovations to its facilities after coming top in the contest organized jointly by a firm producing anti-fungal cleansing cream in partnership with German second division football club, FC Hamburg St Pauli.

SV Lieth officials are delighted with the result. Their club, founded in 1934, was chosen on the basis of “mildew infested window panes and rusty showers dating from the pre-war period,” the competition website said.

Clubs entering the competition were invited to post photos and videos of their sanitary installations on the website to be judged by the public.