Tornado rips through centre of Gießen

Tornado rips through centre of Gießen
Photo: DPA
A small tornado tore through the centre of Gießen in the German state of Hesse on Tuesday evening, causing considerable damage but no injuries.

Police said the twister uprooted countless trees and ripped off several roofs and building façades. Falling branches also damaged parked cars.

“We can’t yet say how high the total damage will be,” a police spokesman said early on Wednesday morning.

Some 250 passengers travelling on train near Gießen fortunately walked away unharmed after it rammed an overhead electrical wire that had been knocked down.

Another landspout – as such smaller tornados are know – hit the region where three German states – Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, and North Rhine-Westphalia – meet. Several homes and a school in the town of Burbach were damaged.