German politicians seek ban for extreme-right youth group

German politicians on Monday demanded a ban on a German youth group after its summer camp was raided by police for attempting to indoctrinate campers with Nazi ideology.

German politicians seek ban for extreme-right youth group
An archive photo of an extreme-right protest. Photo: DPA

Politicians from several parties in the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania said they hoped to ban the HDJ (Homeland-Loyal German Youth) group, which arose from the ashes of the banned Viking Youth.

“I think the police found enough information and material to provide the German Interior Ministry a solid basis for such a ban,” said conservative state parliamentarian Armin Jäger.

Police on Sunday disbanded a HDJ camp near the northern port city of Rostock after neighbours complained of objectionable morning wake-up calls and pledges. The 24-year-old camp manager is under investigation for using unconstitutional symbols – police found swastikas and other illegal National Socialist materials at the camp.

More than 50 visitors were camping in 14 tents near the village of Hohen Sprenz when police arrived. The campers were required to wear uniforms and adhere to rules and regulations left over from the Nazi-era, the police said.

They were also schooled in Nazi ideologies, according to authorities.