Ypsilanti reportedly planning new attempt to lead Hesse

Andrea Ypsilanti, the head of the Social Democrats (SPD) in the German state of Hesse, is reportedly preparing another attempt to forge a minority government supported by the hard-line socialist Left party.

Ypsilanti reportedly planning new attempt to lead Hesse
Is Ypsilanti already talking to the Left party? Photo: DPA

Would-be state premier Ypsilanti is planning to take up formal coalition talks with the Green party, according to conservative daily Die Welt. The paper cited SPD party officials as saying an announcement could be made this Wednesday and the actual negotiations would then start in middle of September following a Hessian party conference.

Die Welt reported that Ypsilanti would consult the Left party in an “orderly fashion” about the coalition talks with the Greens. But the SPD sources warned that Ypsilanti would not receive a “blank check” to work with the hard-line socialists.

Ypsilanti failed to forge a minority government with the Greens in March, after one of her own backbenchers balked at the idea of letting her being elected state premier with the votes from the Left party. Since an inconclusive state election in January, Hesse has had by a caretaker government led by conservative incumbent Roland Koch.