German judge’s giggle fit stops court case

A German judge in Düsseldorf was forced to halt a court case between two feuding neighbours after she couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of their antics.

German judge's giggle fit stops court case
Photo: DPA

Brigitte Koppenhöfer is a respected judge who has presided over many high profile court cases in Germany. But the saga of a neighbourly spat that saw the combatants trading childish insults in court proved to be too much for her.

Koppenhöfer tried to contain herself as she heard how the two engaged in egg fights and sent each other letters decorated with cockroaches. But she lost her composure when they started calling each other names such as “smelly bum” and “donkey face” in court.

The judge abandoned her post and returned a short time later to throw out the case after slapping the plaintiff with a €500 ($750) fine, the Express newspaper reported.

“I normally deal with financial fraud and company law.” she said in her defense. “This was just so ridiculous.”