Bild: Russians ruining German holidays with ‘whores and vodka’

Germany‘s best-selling daily newspaper Bild on Friday opened a second front in what could be called the holiday war by attacking Russian tourists for spoiling German vacations in Turkey with “whores and vodka.”

Bild: Russians ruining German holidays with 'whores and vodka'
Photo: A screenshot of Bild's website.

Calling Russian holidaymakers “worse than the English,” Bild said the “annoying hordes” of “beach Cossacks” were “occupying our vacation paradises” such as Turkey’s seaside town Antalya.

The paper noted with alarm that for the first time ever, more Russians have visited the Turkish resort than Germans – 1.267 million to 1.214 million in the first half of 2008.

Bild pointed to the increasing wealth of Russian tourists and their willingness to throw around cash to make up for their supposedly bad behavior as the reason why resorts traditionally catering to Germans are going Russian. “They spend on average eight times more than Germans,” the paper said.

Bild has long engaged in hostilities with the British tabloid press over the banal conflicts frequently arising between German and UK holidaymakers.

But the paper clearly hoped to win over the British for its new eastern front in the holiday war, suggesting German tourists should join forces with their UK counterparts against the Russians.

“The days when the Germans and the English squabbled over lounge chairs are over,” wrote Bild. “Now they have a common enemy in the fight over the best place for holiday sunshine: the beach Cossacks!”