Horse demolishes public toilet in Bavaria

Horse demolishes public toilet in Bavaria
Photo: DPA
Bavarian police on Monday said a man who tried to take his horse with him into a public toilet over the weekend caused over €1,000 in damages after the animal balked.

According to witnesses, the man apparently didn’t want to leave his horse outside the facility in the city of Kaufbeuren on Saturday night. But the animal – a white Paint with brown spots – decided his rider could take care of his business alone and demolished the lavatory’s entryway.

“The guy wanted to go in with his horse, but the horse had other ideas,” Kaufbeuren police officer Oliver Klinke told The Local on Monday.

Klinke said the authorities were now attempting to ascertain the identity of the man, who was apparently less capable of judging the size of the public toilet than his four-legged friend.

“A horse most certainly wouldn’t fit in there,” Klinke said.