Friesland wedding ends in brawl

A wedding in the German coastal region East Friesland ended in a brawl over the weekend, as the bride and groom fought with their guests.

Friesland wedding ends in brawl
The couple that fights together stays together? Photo: DPA

The incident started after the drunken groom got into an altercation with his brother, the Cologne-based tabloid daily Express reported on Monday. But the violent nuptials in the town Südbrookmerland quickly escalated after the brother starting smashing the groom’s head into a nearby car.

“The bride and other guests weren’t shy about mixing it up,” the paper said.

By the time the police showed the brawl had ended, however, the mood at the wedding was anything but festive. Officers couldn’t determine what exactly sparked the massive fight, but everyone throwing punches was apparently under the influence of alcohol.