Dozens of cities hit by erratic weather

Dozens of cities hit by erratic weather
Photo: DPA
While some parts of Germany basked in sunshine on Saturday, dozens of cities in western and southern Germany were hit by severe flash floods and thunderstorms.

Depending on where you were on Saturday, the latest heat wave in Germany was either a blessing or a curse. People in the northeast of the country enjoyed the hot temperatures by lounging in parks or taking a dip in their local pool.

But people in the western states battled torrential rainfall that caused power outages and flooded streets and basements. Fourteen people were brought to hospital in Wuppertal after heavy thunder and lightning storms, and a wind tunnel that whipped through a campsite left five children with minor injuries.

In Hessen, storms caused motorway chaos with at least three people reporting injuries following car accidents.

In Baden-Württemberg, the city of Mannheim was particularly affected by flooding, with water levels reaching 1.5 metres in some locations.

Meteorologists are predicting that the current heatwave will last until at least Tuesday, with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees Celsius.