Giant python escapes near Mainz

A 2.5-metre long tiger python has escaped from captivity in the village of Niederheimbach am Rhein near Mainz, according to police.

Giant python escapes near Mainz

Wolfgang Langstädtler, the 43-year-old owner of the gigantic snake, has been searching for the reptile named Cleopatra since the beginning of the week, but he decided to inform the police on Wednesday when he couldn’t find his scaly friend.

“I’ve looked in trees, on rocks, simply everywhere,” said Langstädtler.

The authorities believe the cold-blooded animal could have been laying low for a few days, but the warmer temperatures hitting the region on Wednesday are likely to have reawakened the snake.

The massive constrictor is normally not dangerous to adult humans, but it can bite if it feels threatened. The snake likes sunny spots and pet owners in the area might prefer to keep an eye on their poodles. Anyone spotting the missing python is asked to stay away from it and inform the local police.