Oktoberfest tent spots already booked up

Nine weeks before Munich's famed Oktoberfest is to begin, German media is reporting that the famous beer tents are already booked solid.

Oktoberfest tent spots already booked up
Photo: DPA

Even the beloved Hofbräu tent, with 7,000 seats, has just a paltry few seats left, the reservation office told German news magazine Focus on Sunday. “The customers sense that the demand has increased and already reserved seats in January,” Hofbräu’s Angela Ofenstein said.

Only those with seats are allowed to be served, and anyone who’s ever had to suffer the often chilly and damp outdoor seating knows how important a tent spot can be. German daily Bild has created a forum for Germans to register their displeasure over the unliklihood of getting a seat to enjoy their beer.

“It can’t be possible that all tables are already reserved,” 24-year-old student Mario told the paper. “Now I don’t even have a chance to go and celebrate.”

The world famous beer festival only has spotty indoor tent seating available during weekday mornings, according to Focus.

But the Munich tourism office insists there are still some possibilities for those who want to experience the party for themselves. “There are always last-minute cancellations,” tourism office employee Babriele Papke told Focus. “All you have to do is inquire.”

An employee of the famous Hippodrom tent, Gerd Schmitz, told the magazine that his tent still had “a bit of capacity left.”

The 175th Oktoberfest, with massive beer tents, spinning rides and food stands will begin on September 20 and runs until October 5.

Last year the Bavarian festival drew in 6.2 million visitors who drank 6.7 million litres of beer.

Prices for a Maß of golden brew at the world’s largest festival will likely increase to €8.30 – a €0.50 hike that has upset beer-loving Germans as they contemplate their Oktoberfest plans.