Bavarian farmer promises cops a keg after 100th sobriety test

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18 Jul, 2008 Updated Fri 18 Jul 2008 12:09 CEST
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After being subjected to 98 traffic sobriety tests by police, Bavarian farmer Bernhard Frank has promised local officers he will buy them a case of beer after his 100th clean test.

The 53-year-old from Landshut says he has recorded exactly where and when he was stopped by police.

"I have been stopped by the police some 150 times, and 98 times I had to take a sobriety test," he told Munich daily tz on Friday. "On the 100th test, I'll spring for a keg of beer for the police."

Frank told the paper that the affair began about 5 years ago, and he has been stopped almost every two weeks, despite having tested free of alcohol every time.

But frequent traffic stops haven't been Frank's only contact with the police, the paper reported. He was involved in an accident with a patrol car during the town's famous Landshuter Hochzeit festival, and a second accident may explain his appeal to police on patrol, the paper said.

After he caused an accident while driving his moped, the woman in the other vehicle reported that he was "drunk as a skunk" when he knocked her side rear view mirror off. He lost his driver's licence for 5 months, even though he did not take a sobriety test after the incident. Frank told the paper that the woman's accusation didn't hold up, though. "The judge ended court proceedings right away," he said, and he got his licence back.

Landshut police were unable to comment on their ongoing relationship with Frank due to data privacy laws, and Frank maintains his innocence.



2008/07/18 12:09

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