Margot Honecker invited to Sandinista party in Nicaragua

Margot Honecker, the 81-year-old widow of former East German dictator Erich Honecker, has been invited to attend celebrations by the Nicaraguan leftists the Sandinistas this weekend.

Margot Honecker invited to Sandinista party in Nicaragua
Photo: DPA

Honecker, who has lived in Chile since 1993 after her husband was deposed shortly before German reunification, will take part in the event alongside the widow of Argentine leftist revolutionary Che Guevara, according to the wife and spokeswoman of Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega.

Rosario Murillo said Honecker would also receive the Rubén Diario honour for her husband’s services to the people of the Central American country. “He showed such solidarity and particular caring interest in the free people of Nicaragua,” Murillo said, pointing out that Honecker was a fervent backer of the first Sandinista government back in the 1980s.

Honecker, who like her late husband was an ardent communist, was widely feared in East Germany for her uncompromising personality. She picked up the nickname the “Purple Dragon” for the slight lavender tinge to her hair.