Dirt really stresses out Germans on holiday

For vacationing Germans, a dirty hotel room or an untidy beach is a primary stress inducer, according to new survey results announced on Tuesday. They’re also worried about possibly getting sick while at the beach or on the slopes.

Dirt really stresses out Germans on holiday
Photo: DPA

Vacations are meant to be a time to relax and enjoy some quality down time, but for many Germans, the surroundings need to be über-hygienic before they can loosen up.

A survey carried out by the Forsa research group for the DAK health insurer and “Healthy Living” magazine found that 62 percent of Germans said a lack of cleanliness was the main cause of their vacation stress.

In second place, 48 percent of survey respondents named the fear of coming down with an illness as a main stress factor while attempting to enjoy the beach.

The bronze medal for stress on holiday was awarded to high prices, which stress out 37 percent of Germans.

The survey found that 18 to 29 year-olds were the least stress resistant. In this group, 76 percent found dirtiness extremely stressful, while loud children annoyed 28 percent.

The over-59 group was the most laid back, the poll discovered. Only 45 percent of them found a little dirt worth whining about.