Swede with neo-Nazi ties buys Berlin villa

A Swedish right-wing extremist with ties to German neo-Nazis may have moved his home base into a €3.3-million villa in the Berlin suburbs, German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported on Saturday.

Swede with neo-Nazi ties buys Berlin villa
File photo of a protest of German, Swedish and Danish neo-Nazis. Photo: DPA

German constitutional authorities fear the villa in the exclusive Berlin district of Zehlendorf could become a centre for neo-Nazi activities throughout Europe, according to Spiegel.

A Berlin police spokesman declined to comment.

According to Spiegel, Swedish businessman Patrik Brinkmann acquired the property in April 2007 as a trustee of his wife, calling the purchase “purely private.”

German intelligence agents view Brinkmann as a leading figure among right-wing extremists around the world, according to the magazine.

Brinkmann founded the Continent Europe Foundation in 2004 in Sweden. Spiegel describes the group as a hub for extremists from around Europe, with two functionaries from Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party on its advisory board.

Based until now only at a postal box in the Swedish city of Jönköping, the foundation describes itself as seeking to establish a “greater European civilization” that will include Russia.