Beheaded Hitler figure spirited to London for repairs

Beheaded Hitler figure spirited to London for repairs
The exhibit before the incident. Photo: DPA
The new Madame Tussauds wax museum in Berlin has had its decapitated Hitler model secretly transported back to London for repairs, according to German daily Bild on Monday.

“Hitler is already being worked on in our studios,” a Madame Tussauds spokesperson told Bild. “He should be returned to the exhibit as soon as possible. We’re confident we’ll have him back in shape soon.”

Just three minutes after the new museum opened its doors in Berlin on Saturday, Frank L., who had been second in line, ran up to the wax figure seated behind a desk and beheaded the wax Hitler – a bet which he’d agreed to a day prior to the museum’s opening.

The Hitler figure, which reportedly cost €200,000 ($314,000), was promptly moved from the scene, leaving visitors to stare at a vacant desk in a setting meant to portray the dictator’s bunker in the last days of the war as the Red Army closed in on Berlin.

Some Berliners have expressed misgivings about the return of the controversial wax figure to the museum, though. Berlin state secretary for culture André Schmitz told Berlin daily Berliner Zeitung that it would be “tasteless” to display the figure.