German cops bust grass growing granny

German cops bust grass growing granny
Photo: DPA
Customs police in the German town Kleve near the Dutch border have busted a 69-year-old woman for growing over 1,100 marijuana plants with a high-tech setup in an old mill.

The pot plants, which customs officials said on Wednesday were ready to be harvested, were spread over five rooms in different buildings of the mill complex. The woman is thought to have invested at least €20,000 in high-tech gear to grow the marijuana and video surveillance equipment to keep watch over the pot plantation. Like many pensioners, she showed quite a knack for gardening and the authorities said the plants had flourished under her green thumb.

“If there had been a harvest of such a large number of plants there would have been a tidy profit,” the police reported according to news agency AFP. “Everything from seeding to the harvest had been sorted.”

The woman, who apparently wanted to supplement her pension, is being held in police custody for breaking German controlled substances laws.