Prestigious Bayreuth Wagner festival to go online

Prestigious Bayreuth Wagner festival to go online
Photo: DPA
The Bayreuth Festival, the prestigious annual event dedicated to the music of Richard Wagner, is to go online, organizers said Tuesday—but it will be pricey and tickets are limited.

There will only be one performance available on the Internet, that of “Die Meistersinger of Nuernberg” (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg), and the 10,000 tickets available cost €49 ($78), spokesman Alexander Busche said.

Aficionados of the annual 100-year-old festival in southern Germany sometimes have to wait up to 10 years to get a ticket for the real thing, forking out up to €208 for the privilege. There are just 2,000 seats inside the theatre.

This year’s event, the last with Richard Wagner’s grandson Wolfgang as director after 57 years, will also have one other novelty: a large screen outside screen with space for 15,000 people to watch—and for free.