Germany’s Adidas wins at Euro 2008

Germany's Adidas wins at Euro 2008
Photo: DPA
German sportswear giant Adidas did better than the national team at the Euro 2008 football championships, sponsoring both runner-up Germany and the new champion, Spain.

“It was the dream final for Adidas,” a spokeswoman told AFP after the group

had already announced it expected sales of football jerseys, balls and boots to gain at least 50 percent over the 2004 European championships.

Having both finalists wearing the group’s sportswear “was just fantastic,” the spokeswoman added after Spain beat Germany 1-0 for their first continental championship in 44 years.

Adidas had also provided the official match ball, delivering 30 for the final in addition to more than 2,500 others for the 16 teams that competed in the three-week-long competition.

The group did not provide financial details on sales, however.

The Internet site of the sponsoring federation UEFA said it was sure the figure of eight billion viewers worldwide that had been reached for the 2004 edition would be surpassed.

More than 51,400 spectators packed the stadium in Vienna for the final.

In addition to Spain and Germany, Adidas also sponsored the French, Greek and Romanian teams, in addition to around 100 individual players in the tournament.