German border town mobilizes against student ‘drug trail’

German border town mobilizes against student 'drug trail'
Dave? Dave's not here, man. Photo: DPA
Officials in the German city of Kaldenkirchen are mobilizing against German students taking "holiday excursions" through the border town to buy marijuana in the Netherlands, police announced on Tuesday.

The so-called “drug trail” aggravates the town’s residents, especially during school vacations, according to police in Viersen, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Large groups of young “drug tourists” use the city to cross the border and buy grass at coffee shops. Police said they ride the train to the border and then walk the rest of the way to coffee shops on the other side, leaving trash, urine, and noise in their wake.

Authorities said they will warn students on the road to dissipation against hash addiction. Those students with addiction problems will be offered counseling.

Police plan to stop the traffic, informing the parents of juveniles, and fining older students.