Official calls for new German energy efficiency laws

State Secretary for the German Environment Ministry Michael Müller is calling for a new “efficiency law” in response to soaring energy prices, daily newspaper Passauer Neue Express reported Monday.

Müller told the paper that power plant efficiency must be increased with new laws.

Germany must also insure that its population can afford energy price increases, he said, adding that sales tax could be decreased on energy saving products as part of a “targeted incentive program for the middle class.”

Müller also criticized Economy Minister Michael Glos for suggesting a renewed reliance on atomic energy over the weekend.

“Atomic energy doesn’t make a contribution to climate protection,” Müller said, adding that he expects drastic results from the worldwide increase of atomic reactors.

“Uranium is exhaustible and with such growth even more scarce,” he said. “Germany could become dependent on uranium imports.”

He also told the paper that atomic energy is a technology that could be “misused by terrorists.”