Bikers invade Hamburg for Harley fest

Hamburg is filling up with a horde of bikers this weekend for the port city’s annual Harley Davidson festival – this year the great-grandson of the firm's legendary founder is even putting in an appearance.

Bikers invade Hamburg for Harley fest
Harleys as far as you can see. Photo:DPA

William ‘Bill’ Davidson, 45, is in Hamburg today, meeting bikers and talking with them – about bikes presumably.

He told the Hamburger Abendblatt, “I was in this wonderful city in 2003 for the first time and am very happy to be here again. I love being with the people who buy our motorbikes.”

As vice president of the firm, responsible for marketing, Davidson is always on the road, and will miss Sunday’s big parade through Hamburg.

Around 10,000 Harleys are expected to be ridden through Hamburg for the parade, celebrating the bikes, their fans and the connection they form between Germany and the USA.