Nick Hornby prefers reading to Germans

Star British author and essayist Nick Hornby says he prefers reading his work to Germans over his countrymen in Britain, according to UK daily The Times on Thursday.

Nick Hornby prefers reading to Germans
Photo: DPA

“In Germany, there are complaints if readings last less than an hour,” the author of favorites “High Fidelity,” “About a Boy” and “Fever Pitch.”

“I had to do an encore at a recent reading in Berlin, because the audience felt short-changed,” he said.

Hornby told the paper he appreciates the German intellectual enthusiasm because it offers him the opportunity for a rare rock star moment in contrast to the more “reluctant” British reception.

“If I sound regretful, it’s because walking out on to a stage and seeing all those faces provides the kind of buzz that a writing life doesn’t provide very often,” he told The Times.

But Hornby isn’t much different than his countrymen, he said. “I’m English too and I very rarely venture out to a half-empty Waterstone’s to listen to any of my colleagues,” he admitted.