Carl Zeiss creates world’s smallest football field

Just in time for the Euro 2008 football tournament, German high-tech firm Carl Zeiss says it has created the world’s smallest football pitch.

Carl Zeiss creates world's smallest football field
A scientist shows the pitch on a computer screen. Photo: DPA

The company created a so-called photomask on a piece of quartz crystal, onto which workers used an thermionic beam to “write” a 800 by 600 nonometre field, the company announced in Oberkochen on Tuesday.

The model is some 15 billion times smaller than an actual field and includes tiny football players just 15 nanometres high. The football has a diameter of just 20 atoms, and the project can only be viewed through a thermionic microscope.

According to Carl Zeiss, photomasks are generally used for semi-conductor assembly.