Study: mobiles won’t cause cancer

Study: mobiles won't cause cancer
Dieter Bohlen, Germany's Simon Cowell, is delighted. Photo: DPA
Using mobile and cordless telephones does not pose a cancer risk for adults, according to a study by Germany's Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) to be presented on Tuesday.

The study, which also explored the connection between cell phones, sleep disturbances and headaches, covered less than 10 years, so long-term risks, especially for children, were not conclusive. These uncertainties suggest a “cautious association with cordless communication devices,” the study said. Further studies will explore whether children are at higher health risk from long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The study’s results showed there is no causative connection between electromagnetic fields and sleep disturbances and headaches.

In isolated cases that did not affect the final conclusion, experts observed changes in gene activity and cell processes due to electromagnetic exposure.

The BfS experts analyzed more than 50 research projects beginning in 2002 conducted by the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme (DMF).

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel will present the study findings on Tuesday.