Berlin students protest repeat exam after cheating scandal

Berlin students protest repeat exam after cheating scandal
Photo: DPA
Despite a large protest staged by students on Monday, the Berlin school administration is standing by its decision to force 28,000 students to retake their mathematics final after a massive cheating scandal was uncovered.

Some 3,000 students gathered before Berlin’s Rotes Rathaus city hall in Berlin’s Mitte district to protest the decision taken after the administration found that about 60 of 346 schools showed evidence of a massive cheating. The test was sold in school yards before the test up to two weeks before the test, but the 10th graders had already sat for the exam on June 11 before authorities sorted out the extent of the problem.

Berlin authorities have launched a criminal investigation and all test results declared invalid.

Meanwhile students, parents and the state parent’s association had begun legal investigations, some planning to eventually sue the school administration.