Pet psychic says Knut has a heavy heart

According to German pet psychic Anna Katinka Witte, the Berlin Zoo's famous money-making polar bear Knut is unhappy.

Pet psychic says Knut has a heavy heart
Photo: DPA

“He has a lot on his mind,” she told The Local on Thursday as she analyzed a recent photo in Hamburg. “Right now he’s not doing particularly well.”

It’s possible the young bear feels the weight of his fame indirectly, she said.

The 29-year-old Witte, a pet psychic since 2005, was featured this week in Berlin daily Berliner Morgenpost for her telepathic talent that helps pet owners solve the problems of their furry and feathered friends. She has a television show each Sunday on the Tier-TV station called TierTelepathin, where she reads pet photos sent by viewers. Witte says she’s helped pet owners find lost animals and diagnose emotional and physical ailments for further treatment by veterinarians.

She told The Local that when she was training to become a pet psychic, she often visited pet cemeteries and zoos to practice, but finds she can no longer handle the overwhelming grey aura that caged animals radiate.

Knut, she said, is currently radiating a blue aura, based on the photo she saw Thursday. “Blue has to do with spirituality, belief, thoughts, and striving for harmony,” she said. “Knut somehow knows that he is special, but he’s not exactly sure what that means.”

Analyzing Knut’s photo, rather than making a visit to the zoo doesn’t effect the authenticity of Witte’s reading, she said, because photos allow her neutrality.

In addition to his heavy heart, Witte said Knut may be suffering from digestive problems and possible pain with his right leg.

Since his birth on Dec. 5, 2006, Knut has attracted worldwide attention, and more than 1 million visitors to the Berlin Zoo, which has profited greatly from spin-off products and toys based on his likeness.