IKEA won’t sell its prefab homes in Germany

Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA announced Wednesday that it would not sell its BoKlok prefabricated house kits in Germany.

The firm had previously given the impression that Germany might get the prefabs in addition to Scandinavia and Britain.

“There have already been customer requests,” said IKEA spokesperson Kai Hartmann at the company’s German headquarters in Hofheim-Wallau.

The BoKlok, or “build clever” houses, are a joint venture between IKEA and Swedish construction company Skansa, Hartmann said. The BoKlok group operates independently, but uses IKEA stores for sales presentations. The company plans to buy plots of land and erect the homes with standard floor plans in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Great Britain, but won’t be able to import the homes to Germany, Hartmann said.

“Those who are interested in Germany will have no possibility to order a BoKlok home in the foreseeable future,” he said.

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