German biker gangs descend on murder trial

German biker gangs descend on murder trial
Photo: DPA
Around 450 leather-clad bikers roared into the Germany city of Münster, in the western state of in North Rhine-Westphalia, on Tuesday to see two members of the Bandidos gang jailed for life for the 2007 slaying of a Hells Angel.

Police in the western German city said they confiscated several weapons and arrested four Bandidos, who were in the minority with around 50 members present compared to 400 from the rival Hells Angels gang.

Amid a heavy security presence, 20 members of each gang were allowed into the courtroom via separate entrances after being searched for weapons and dangerous objects.

The two Bandidos, aged 48 and 36, were found guilty of shooting in the back a 47-year-old motorbike shop owner in the back in May 2007. He died shortly thereafter.

The Bandidos and the Hells Angels, both of which have charters all over the world, have been involved in bloody feuds in recent years and are believed to be highly active in organized crime.